31 May 2017

The Earth, farting

Adam Clark Estes has a Gizmodo article about an unusual phenomenon:

When thing go wrong underground, we’re often reminded that the Earth is nothing but a big ball of hot rocks, covered in a delicate skin of smaller, slightly cooler rocks. That became clear on Monday, when an underground water pipe exploded in Kiev in the Ukraine. It actually looked kinda hilarious.
The explosion sent water, mud, and debris as high as seven stories, but, luckily, the only things that got hurt in the incident were some nearby cars, the neighboring building, and, well, the Earth’s thin skin. Workers who had installed the pipe still don’t know the cause of the explosion, but it’s highly possible that Earth was just feeling a little gassy.
Rico says that, given the high order of materials and workmanship in the Ukraine, don't blame the Earth for this one...

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