12 October 2019

"Current Wars on 22 October

29 August 2019

Chris home.
And the star quarterback of Rico's highschool team.

19 August 2019

Now Trump wants to buy Greenland... Okay, as long as he uses his own money...

11 August 2019

Watched a bad Bogart movie about the Murmansk run.

07 August 2019

Sunny again.

06 August 2019

Thunder; no rain so far.

19 July 2019

Of course it's 11:11...

10 July 2019

Watching a program about Werner von Braun reminds Rico of a Tom Lehrer song:

"Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down; just the widow and orphans of Old London Town.
That's not my department, said Werner von Braun."

08 July 2019

Watching a program about Werner von Braun reminds Rico of a Tom Lehrer song:

"Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down;
That's not my department, said Werner von Braun."

22 June 2019


Another guy you love to hate.

16 June 2019

Dinklage's The best short actor.

22 May 2019

Taffer has gone from bars to marriages. Should be interesting.

10 May 2019

Rico wonders how many of those planned parenthood protesters will adopt an unwanted baby...

22 April 2019

Blocked by rich guys

Rico says he’ have. posted “Monday Monday”, but the Beatles would’tidn’t let him....

10 April 2019

Megabooks - CLOSED - Bookstores - 444 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA - Phone ...
Yelp › ... › Bookstores
1 review of Megabooks - CLOSED "I used to come here constantly to sit upstairs and read. Quiet. Rarely are there many people inside. Friendly and helpful staff.

Rico says that's a shame...

Jerry and Leigh were good people.

09 April 2019

$36.31 change.

28 March 2019

And yet again.

26 March 2019


Still can't beat Apple phones...

Everyone's is pissed about Trump's wall. Still cheaper to pay Texans a bounty...

21 March 2019

Watched Daniel Craig in the "Casino Royal" remake; Craig isn't Connery.

18 March 2019

ISIS wants to fight until the last man. We should oblige them.

11 March 2019

Let's remember that "Magnum" without Selleck isn't.

10 March 2019

Let's remember that "Magnum without Selleck isn't.
Watched " 60 Minutes"

05 March 2019

Watched "Obivion" with Morgan Freeman (good) and Tom Cruise(not)

28 February 2019

330 million is less than 40 million a year...
Remind me to tell you Kelley's news about Sissel.

24 February 2019

Remind me to tell you Kelley's news about Sissel.

21 February 2019

Remind me to tell you Kelley's news about Sissel.

15 February 2019

Trump want to spend 8 billion on the wall with Mexico. A bounty of $25,000 a head would buy a lot of dead Mexicans.
AAG commercials instead of Magnum PI makes Selleck look silly.

05 January 2019

You there?

Proof mark doesn't work anymore

You doing ok?

02 January 2019

The Democrats would never approve it, of course...

01 January 2019

Rico says the whole Wall thing is solved easier and cheaper by a bounty...

22 December 2018

If they were larger, and clear, they'd be like the ones in my mother's house in Robersonville.
Rico, quoting the late Charles Schultz: "I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time."

07 December 2018

Rico fails to understand why anyone would work for Trump...
7 December 1941. The beginning of the end for the Japanese...

05 December 2018


Let's hope peace continues...


The wrong dead President...


Why it's important to sell out early...


Not Rico's favorite President.

04 December 2018


Not safe anywhere...


Another one gets off easy.


He got off easy...


Trump being wrong is nothing new.


Porn is a hard sell...


Trump being wrong is nothing new.

As Ned Kelly said: Kill one, you're a murderer; kill a hundred, you're a hero...

Being drunk on the street at 0300 is never good.


More bad news for meat...


The world is too weird...


While Rico understands the temptation, that's a no-no...


While Rico underside the impulse, pissing on the statue seems excessive.


Seems to Rico a lot of work for a burger, when he'd rather have a quarter-pounder anyway...


Yet another little dinosaur.




No surprise there...

The Russians again? Maybe.

03 December 2018


Excitable, as I say...


Fucking with the President has become a sport...


Earthquakes are nasty...


Trump loves a good fight...


Rico won't be going...


Rico's cats could care less...


Forced hugging? Sounds like a lawsuit in the making...


Rico doesn't ski, but this is interesting.


Rico says it's fun he'll pass on...


Expensive art...

02 December 2018


Rico says sex never goes out of style...

01 December 2018


George wasn't one of Rico's favorite Presidents, but not one of the bad ones, either...


A classic of the genre


Still a good cartoon...

30 November 2018


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