30 June 2007

Still out there

We're still languishing in Florida, enjoying the sun (mostly) and eating well. We also do some serious movie watching, courtesy of Blockbuster, and reading (on the beach and at home) from the local library.
My brain is still making the long march back from angioma hell, and I worry sometimes that I won't make it all the way, but mostly my head seems to work the way it's supposed to.
Chris, of course, continues to be an incredible support to me, encouraging me even when things seems bleak, and I can't tell you (or her, apparently) how much I owe her. (Though years from now, if I'm lucky, she might believe me.)
Life continues to be interesting, though.
And beats the hell out of being dead.
I'm still awaiting a decision by the publisher about my novel (called "Skeleton Cay", soon to be a major motion picture coming to a screen near you; buy the book when you see it), so if you hear any distant screaming, that'll be me announcing he decided to buy the book.
Stay tuned.
Life will continue to be interesting.

15 June 2007

Almost back

I graduated from Rehab today.
That makes tomorrow the famous "first day of the rest of my life".
Having nearly lost it, I intend to experience the remainder as intensely as possible.
I've sent off my new novel to the publisher; we'll see if he wants it. (All cross fingers here.)
Stay tuned; it will get interesting.

01 June 2007

Mostly dead, just not completely dead

That's a quote from Princess Bride, but it was pretty applicable to me.
I had a cavernous angioma on 29 November, and it took me nearly six months to recover. (Actually, I haven't completely recovered but it, like so many things in life, is an on-going process.)
Trust me, you don't want one.
I didn't either, but it turns out that 1 in 200 people have an incipient one and don't know it.
Next time you have an MRI, ask them to look for one.
Not sure what you can do if they find one (most are inoperable), but better to know in advance.
Came as quite a surprise to me, trust me.
I'm better now, but it hasn't been fun.
For the ugly details, see my historical site at http://markwseymour.blogspot.com

Too good to pass up

This Brit will, unfortunately, likely have his balls handed to him by some jihadist, but for the moment he's funny as hell:


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