30 November 2006

Blowing a fuse

When I went to bed last night, unbeknownst to me, a small tangled capillary in my brain stem started bleeding.
As a result, the next six months will see me in the hospital, in Rehab, and trying to regain my memory and my abilities.
It will not be fun.

(Posted 8 August 2007)

25 November 2006

Penny for the Guy

Guy Kawasaki is one of the biggest blowhards I ever met. (I worked at Apple Computer at the same time, and have first-hand experience.) He's also one of the smartest guys I've ever met. What can I say, the fucker's brilliant .
If you're interested in starting a company (or anything much more complicated than a train set), get his book.

Photo for the day

I've touted this guy's site before, but it's worth another look, for his photography let alone his writing. His ladyfriend is certainly worth checking out (especially if you like them skinny)...

23 November 2006

Wanker's World

An absolutely hysterical piece of reality television from Down Under. Those who do not learn from history...

Quote for the day

When they ban potato guns only the Irish will be armed.

19 November 2006

Who knew?

Apparently someone named Hugo Bertini in Portugal thought enough of my blog to put me in his Interesses (interesting, in Portuguese) blog roll.
Amazing, where your stuff ends up...

A job that must be done

From Beccy Cole, a songbird from Down Under
Why is it that there are now two great videos supporting the troops, and they're by a Canadian and an Australian?
(And the lucky Aussie troopies got to see one hot sheila, at that...)

11 November 2006

A Pittance of Time

In honor of Remembrance Day, as Veteran's Day used to be called. (And still is in England and Canada, where they yet wear red Flemish poppies to remember their terrible losses in the First War.)
But if you still don't get it after watching this, you're fucking hopeless...

08 November 2006

Raj for meathead

It seems my boy Raj Bhakta engaged in a bit of Nixon-era 'dirty tricks' just before the election, and had an auto-dialer send messages to people in his district (and some not even in his district, as one gentleman explained to me at my polling place, which is not in Raj's district) that starts off with a woman crying and then goes on with some gibberish about how his opponent was connected with an abortion clinic (years ago, apparently) and why that was a bad thing.
Dirty tricks aside (and I think they're a stupid waste of time, let alone a perversion of the American Way), what the fuck is he doing dredging up ancient (and distorted) history about someone's stand on abortion as an election tactic?
Abortion, like it or not, is the law of the land.
In addition, no one likes it, but it sometimes beats the alternative.
Trying to make it go away won't solve any problems, but will just create more.
I was alive, and had women friends who had to deal with the problem, before Roe vs Wade.
It was not a pretty time.
Better that Raj had stuck to the Row vs Wade problem of immigration, and left abortion out of the race.

Dumb fuck lost anyway, so my opinion matters little, but officially here's the word: Raj is hereby unendorsed by this blog.

Maybe someday he'll grow up and get his thinking straight. Until then, the search for a good candidate continues.

01 November 2006

Quote for the day

The important thing about democracy – and this has always been the case – is that citizens a) believe the election result is based on the common sense and voting rights of the citizens, and b) have enough handguns to wax any politician who gets too seriously out of line (also known as “check and balance”).
Scott Adams, from his Dilbert blog

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