23 May 2017

Taking the Fifth

Slate has an article by Ben Mathis-Lilley about Flynn:

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (photo, top left) will invoke the Fifth Amendment in refusing a Senate committee's document subpoena, The Associated Press is reporting.
The Fifth Amendment protects an individual's right not to give testimony that may implicate him or her in a crime. Flynn's potentially improper financial connections to Russia and Turkey are reportedly the subject of the ongoing federal investigation that was led by the FBI and will now be supervised by special counsel Robert Mueller. The Senate Intelligence Committee, which is conducting its own investigation of the matter, had specifically requested documents related to Flynn's interactions with Russia. It's not yet known how the Senate plans to respond to Flynn's refusal; Slate discussed the options it might have in this situation in a post last week.
And, just to get it out of the way: Invoking the Fifth Amendment does not mean you're guilty.
Rico says he's doomed, sooner or later...

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