15 May 2017

Gubs in school

The New York Times has an editorial decrying (no surprise there) the proposal to allow more gubs in schools:
Two more states, Arkansas and Georgia, have passed “campus carry” laws permitting licensed gun owners to pack concealed firearms at public universities, on the premise that students will be more secure from the nation’s epidemic of gun violence if there are more guns.
The issue is being fought in statehouses as the gun lobby presses to arm far more citizens in far more places regardless of the risks. Gun safety groups are pushing back, blocking liberalized gun measures in Montana and Florida this year, even as the number of states legalizing guns on campuses, heretofore among the safest places in the nation, rose to ten.
The Arkansas law enacted in March was particularly alarming because it initially allowed spectators to come armed to the seventy-thousand-seat stadium where the University of Arkansas Razorbacks play football. In a matter of days, the Legislature backtracked, as sports and safety groups and an aroused public imagined the mayhem that could occur if there were gunplay by fans or fanatics, asking why spectators are forbidden to take umbrellas and diaper bags into the stadium, yet could legally carry a loaded firearm on game day.
Rico says that gubs show up anyway, and it's hard to defend yourself with a diaper bag... (And they did not mention all the recent school shootings, did they?)

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