30 May 2017

Religious rocks

From The Washington Times, an article by Bradford Richardson about squabbling over rocks:

A creationist wants rocks to study. The Grand Canyon says no.
A lawsuit by a creationist geologist brings to light a dispute between science and religion at Grand Canyon National Park:
A geologist is accusing the Federal government in a lawsuit of barring his research in the Grand Canyon because of his biblical beliefs, which religious liberty advocates cite as part of a growing trend of persecution against Christians who try to live their faith in public.
Andrew Snelling holds a doctorate in geology from the University of Sydney and has conducted previous research at the site. His lawsuit claims that park officials have blocked his research efforts for more than three years because of his faith.
“The government isn’t allowed to discriminate against someone based on their viewpoint, and National Park officials have absolutely no legal justification in stopping a scientist from conducting research simply because they don’t agree with his views,” said Gary McCaleb, senior counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom, which filed the lawsuit last week on behalf of Snelling. “Using someone’s views to screen them for a government benefit is unconstitutional.”
The alliance filed the lawsuit against the Interior Department, the National Park Service, and Grand Canyon National Park, which have not issued statements about the lawsuit or the geologist’s research.
Kelly Shackelford, president and CEO of the First Liberty Institute, pointed to cases of football coaches barred from prayer and Christian bakers forced to violate their beliefs by providing cakes for same-sex weddings.
“Attacks on religious freedom, in all areas, are much greater than they used to be,” he said.
Rico says that, since the age of the rocks would obviate the Christian timeline of history, fuck him...

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