31 May 2017

Dumb clothing move

Esquire has an article by Christine Flammia about clothing that Rico won't be wearing (nor you, if you're smart):

There's a lot to thank the bros for in terms of modern menswear. They've brought us boat shoes and fleece vests. They've embraced body confidence in five-inch-inseam shorts. They've even made us rethink what it means to wear a classic gingham shirt. But today, in what might possibly be the bro-iest style move in all of bro style, a new brand launched on Kickstarter that might change the face of menswear: the RompHim.
Here's what the experts think of your BroRomper:
No, it's not a romper. It's a romphim. Well, actually, it is a romper, but it's made for dudes. Let's be clear here: we happily invite all people to wear whatever it is that makes them feel like themselves, gender labels be damned. But as a woman who is decidedly anti-romper of any sort, I'm not sure this is a train I'd recommend anybody hopping aboard. Do you have any idea how hard it is to pee in those things? (Okay, fine; this one has a zipper fly. But this is still very dangerous territory.)
From what we can gather from its page on Kickstarter, it's positioned to be the next big thing in frat and post-frat culture. The bros are shot in their natural habitats— drinking beers, going to Coachella, etc.— and in colors close to their hearts. Think pastels, youthful prints, and at least one "America!" riff on the style.
Take a look at a guy wearing them at Wrigley Field:

Rico says you gotta be brave to wear them anywhere, but a baseball game may be dangerous...

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