23 May 2017

Oops, wrong building

Adam Clark Estes has a Gizmodo article about a demo gone wrong:

It took a few seconds for the dust to clear, but when it did, the neighboring building— which was not supposed to be torn down—was utterly destroyed.
Brutally, the owner of the wrongly-demolished building watched it all happen from the sidewalk, but he seems pretty chill about the whole thing. “We’ll rebuild it,” Joseph Rene, a developer who owns the former home of the Laundry Mutt, now a pile of bricks, told The Baltimore Sun. “We have no other option.”
The city contractors did not offer the local paper any comment. Now that video of the demolition oops is racking up tens of thousands of views on YouTube, the company is surely worried about the future. That’s just another fact of life in the demolition business. Doing too much demolishing is far, far worse than not doing enough.
Rico says they better hope they had good insurance...

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