08 July 2017

Pence again

Matt Novak has a Gizmodo article about the Veep's latest gaffe:

Vice President Mike Pence made a big mistake during his tour of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center yesterday. He touched a piece of critical space flight hardware in the Orion clean room, despite the fact that there was a sign that clearly read Do Not Touch.  So, of course, the photo is now a meme.
The original photo, taken by Mike Brown of Reuters, has gotten a life of its own online. Some people are simply making jokes about unwanted “touching” from Pence, while others have accomplished more elaborate photoshops, like the person who added President Trump’s infamous tennis photo.
Reddit even has a Photoshop Battle going on. So if you’re inspired to create your own version of Pence’s weird NASA encounter, please share it with us in the comments.
Rico says okay, maybe we don't want to have Trump whacked after all, given this guy's stupidity...

This isn’t the first time that members of the Trump administration have inspired a meme. From the glowing orb in Saudi Arabia, to those bizarre photos of the Trump family at the Vatican, it seems like the entire Trump presidency is going to be fodder for photoshop jokesters.
Rico says maybe, given how stupid Pence is, we shouldn't have Trump whacked after all...

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