25 July 2017

Bleeding Kansas

True West has an article by Rhiannon Deremo about Lawrence, Kansas:

Lawrence, Kansas was founded in the 1850’s as the state’s center of resistance to the expansion of slavery, and it paid the price. Targeted, pillaged, and burned to the ground during the Civil War, the community rebuilt with a commitment to education, civility and the future; quite a legacy to live up to.
Take part in a special tour of Black Jack Battlefield, led by John Brown and members of the Thirteenth Kansas Infantry Regiment reenactor group, and even a few pre-slavery men. Black Jack Battlefield is the place where John Brown led a Free-State militia in an attack on the camp of a pro-slavery militia.
The Watkins Museum of History is hosting a series of programs, tours, and presentations about Quantrill’s Raid and the Civil War. A memorial service will honor Raid victims, a special tour of Quantrill’s Raid artifacts, and presentations by living historians will deepen your understanding of Bleeding Kansas.
Join a discussion at the Wakarusa River Valley Heritage Museum about the Underground Railroad and the abolitionists who risked their lives to help lead slaves to freedom.
To learn more and plan your trip to Lawrence, visit UnmistakablyLawrence.com.

Rico says there's always more history to learn...

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