15 July 2017

A private island

Digital Trends has an article by Jenny McGrath about what money can get you:

For about forty thousand dollars, you can purchase a private island in Maine. Of course, barring any natural phenomenon, you and your piece of land will remain residents of the Pine Tree State, because islands are pretty stationary, unless they’re man-made and mobile.
Submarine company Migaloo will custom-make you a private island with ridiculous amenities. Named the Kokomo Ailand (presumably after the island in Maui, Hawai'i), the island is moveable, but forget about getting there fast and then taking it slow; the Kokomo only reaches speeds of roughly nine miles per hour.
At 384 feet long and with a penthouse 262 feet above sea level (illustration), it’s no wonder you don’t want to zip around like a speedboat. The island is totally customizable, and the features owners decide upon will determine its price, Christian Gumpold, Migaloo’s managing director, tells the Huffington Post. Some of the add-ons include pools, decks, spas, helipad, waterfalls, outdoor movie theater, and a shark-feeding station. (Undoubtedly one will be the scene for Jaws 5: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Island.)
The company recently showed off its plans for the islands at the Monaco Yacht Show, where lots of really rich potential buyers showed interest. Prospective owners are likely to be “trendsetters” who want to “stick out” from the crowd, Gumpold tells CNN. Migaloo is banking on people turning to the sea to live in the future. The company also makes mega-yachts and incorporated many of the features that The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous set is looking for in their boats for the island.
The Kokomo is meant to be a sort of home base, where travel enthusiasts can jet off in their helicopters or boats or submersible yachts. Migaloo also has a concept for a yacht-submarine hybrid that super-villains probably can’t wait to get their hands on. Seriously, this company is inspiring us to come up with so many movie plots.
Rico says being wealthy gives you so many more options in life...

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