21 June 2017

Shaming poor Ken

Esquire has an article by Christine Flammia about 'hip' modifications to the Ken doll:

Most recent on the list of terrible trends that seem like they'll never die: the man bun. This week, Mattel launched a diversified line of Ken dolls to complement the various Barbies the brand released last year. But did we have to drag the man bun into this?
Listen, we're all for this all-encompassing set of toys. This new collection (below) includes three body types (broad, slim, and original), seven skin tones, and nine hairstyles. The range of dolls is a great way for kids to be exposed to a variety of bodies and skin tones, hopefully instilling a more inclusive attitude early on. It's great for cultural inclusiveness, sure. But it's not great for style advice.
Take Top Knot Ken (photo, top) here for a second. First of all, he's perpetuating a trend that we tried to bury last year. (Not without reason; a too-tight bun can make your hair fall out.) And the dude is wearing jorts. Jorts! And a top knot! C'mon, Ken. You look like you forget to change from your sick weekend at Coachella. Let your hair down a little; I'm sure there's some great flow hiding under that severe knot that's pulling your hair from its roots. You could even try a non-offensive low bun to keep your hair out of your face. It has all the draws of a top knot without annoying everyone around you.
So, no, just because Ken has a top knot does not mean that it is now okay for you to have a top knot. (Remember what we said about wearing things because other people wear them?) We can embrace diversity without ever embracing the man bun.
Rico says the Ken doll was always stupid, but this is worse, and a bad imitation of the topknot of a samurai...

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