23 June 2017

Call it Maggie

Travel & Leisure has an article by Andrea Romano about the Outer Banks:

There’s always a new place to be discovered on this little blue marble of ours.
A new island, just off the tip of Cape Point in Buxton, North Carolina, has crept up almost overnight. The island is approximately a mile long and three football fields wide.
“It was just a little bump in April,” said Janice Reagan to The Virginian-Pilot. Her son, Caleb, named it Shelly Island for the scores of untouched seashells that are found nearby.
The island has plenty to offer in the way of quirky historical facts, geographical travel obstacles, and must-sees that only the locals know about.
Dave Hallac, superintendent of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, which oversees the area of Cape Point, warns that getting to the island is dangerous, and that people should not attempt to walk or swim across the current to get there.
Since the area is a popular fishing spot, there can be many discarded fishing hooks on the sea bottom. Bill Smith, president of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association, also told The Virginian-Pilot that five-foot-long sharks and stingrays “as large as a hood of a truck” like to hunt in those waters. Still, some visitors have been rowing rafts across to the island.
According to Hallac, Cape Point is constantly changing. The sand moves and expands depending on currents and storms, which means Shelly Island could easily disappear just as quickly as it came to be. Or it can expand and even connect to Cape Point, making fishing even more of a draw in the area.
If you do happen to visit Cape Point, you’ll never know what to expect.
Rico says, given the timing and the place, it's gotta be named for his late mother...

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