23 June 2017

Ironic death for the day

Melissa Chan has a Time article, with additional reporting by Olivier Laurent, about eating the wrong food:
A popular lifestyle blogger in France has died after a whipped cream dispenser exploded and hit her in the chest, her family said.
Rebecca Burger (photo, top) who had a large following on Instagram and often wrote about fashion, food, and fitness, was killed in the canister blast inside her home on Sunday, Burger’s family confirmed on her social media pages.
The blogger’s relatives posted a photo (above) on Instagram of the high-pressure whipped cream dispenser, which was recalled four years ago. "Here's an example of a whipped cream dispenser that exploded and struck Rebecca's thorax, causing her death," her family wrote, warning others not to use the dispenser.
The dispenser has been recalled since early 2013 due to concerns of the plastic top "bursting" off, according to Ard'time, the kitchenware company that produced the product.
Burger's official cause of death is unclear. Prosecutors in France are investigating the incident, and will determine whether the canister was to blame for her death, according to The Associated Press.
Burger often shared photos of her travels and posted images of herself in fitness clothes and swimsuits on Instagram, where she now has nearly two hundred thousand followers. Less than a week ago, she expressed her gratitude for her "beautiful" life and her successes while looking forward to the future.
"A beautiful day comes to an end," she wrote in French. "Lots of travel plans coming up and new projects. Sometimes I take a moment to reflect on everything I've already accomplished and what I'm about to live. That's when I tell myself that life is beautiful. We don't have a credit on time so let's enjoy it to the fullest."
Rico says he knew whipped cream was dangerous, but this is silly...

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