13 April 2017

Trump for the day

Time has an opinion column by Zeke Miller:

President Trump likes to cast himself as "flexible" and that trait has been on stark display this week as he flip-flops on key policy positions from the campaign — and in some cases from just weeks ago. He's shifted on NATO, whether to keep Fed Chair Janet Yellen, the Export-Import Bank, and China's status as a currency manipulator — and that was just Wednesday. It marks a pronounced shift from the populist agenda he championed in 2016 toward those of a more conventional Republican politician, and reflects the weakened status of Chief Strategist Steve Bannon after months of infighting inside the White House. Yes, this marks a major shift from Trump's go-it-alone strategy, as he seeks to tack to the center on key issues that have created a wedge between himself and his party. But Trump has always had nationalistic tendencies, and he's on all sides of these issues before. Only time will tell how permanent this shift is, but it's a clear indication that Trump is unhappy with the direction of his presidency as he nears the 100 days mark, and is willing to upset even his most fervent supporters if it means he can bridge the partisan divide.

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