17 April 2017

Photos of a mysterious crack in one of Greenland’s largest glaciers

From The Washington Post, an article by Chris Mooney about a big crack in Greenland:

A series of images released by NASA show a huge crack (photo) in Greenland's Petermann Glacier, sparking questions about where it came from and what it will mean for the future of the glacier.
NASA's Operation IceBridge, as part of an airborne survey of changing polar ice, flew over the chasm and captured more detailed images. The team posted the images to Facebook on Friday.
The rift was first spotted by Stef Lhermitte, an associate professor at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, who studies satellite remote sensing. Lhermitte posted satellite images on Twitter, alerting a Petermann Glacier expedition team of the crack and questioning whether it was a prelude of a new island, or simply oceanic forces creating the rift.
Rico says that Trump doesn't believe in global warming, but you'll have to get the article on your own, as Rico says he can't afford the Post's subscription rates...

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