22 October 2016

Al Smith, funny, sort of

Time has an article by Cady Lang about the 2016 Al Smith dinner:

Following the heated third and final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton (photo, left) and Donald Trump (photo, right) attended the 71st annual Alfred E. Smith dinner in New York City on Thursday night.
The white-tie event, which has traditionally been a vehicle for presidential candidates to make lighthearted jokes about each other in a sort of genteel roast, is the last public appearance that both candidates will appear at together before the election.
Because the dinner is a fundraiser for Catholic charities, it’s hosted by the Archbishop of New York City; this year it was hosted by Cardinal Timothy Dolan (photo, center), who had the task of sitting between Clinton and Trump during the dinner.
The tension of the affair provided plenty of opportunities for the folks at home and online to sound off with their reactions. Many of them found humor in the awkwardness of the situation after a contentious debate, while others had hot takes about the dinner guests’ reactions to the jabs that Hillary and Donald were exchanging. See the Internet’s best offerings about last night’s Al Smith dinner here. Others were still in awe of how awkward the situation was:

Rico says it'd've been funnier if they weren't so political, but it was more Alfred E. Neuman than Alfred. E. Smith...

Rico's friend Kelley weighs in:
This is Trump at his worst. Does he mean that, if he loses, he won't accept the result? Will he then declare himself the winner? If he loses, Hilary will certainly move into the White House. Will he try to prevent that? Will he set up a shadow cabinet and attempt to govern until he become a small, whiny voice in the wilderness? His declaration is sheer "bluster without consequence". People simply will not listen to him any more.
Rico says a whiny voice may be the best we can hope for...

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