29 October 2016

One job, done badly

Esquire has an article by Hugh Armitage about extras who did it wrong:

Christopher Nolan's first trailer for Dunkirk has been getting a lot of attention, although probably not in the way he hoped, thanks to an inappropriately cheerful extra.
But he's not the first to fluff his five seconds of fame. Come with us to celebrate some of the lamest extras in the history of film:

1. Dunkirk
Different strokes and all that, but we this guy still seems a bit too happy for a soldier stranded at Dunkirk at the height of World War Two:

2. Quantum of Solace

3. Back to the Future, Part 3

Doc Brown's kids always seemed a lil' odd, but only after some further review do we realize how creepy one of them actually is. First, I thought the boy was motioning for Elizabeth Shue to get on board the train, but where he really wants her to go, you don't need roads.

4. North by Northwest

Hitchcock's North by Northwest from 1959 contains a scene where a small boy in the background knows what will happen seconds before anybody else...

5. Teen Wolf

We'll never know why that woman's jeans were undone and it kills us.

6. Ten Star Wars Mistakes:

7. More Star Wars mistakes:

8. Dark Knight Rises, with the Worst Extra Ever:

Batman didn't even need to touch that thug to knock him over. Do you think it was The Force again?

Rico says getting good extras is harder than it would seem...

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