15 July 2016

You think you got it tough?

The BBC has an article (with a video) about a girl getting to safety:

Eleven-year-old Israa trekked more than two thousand miles with her family to reach northern Europe. They often had to walk, pushing her disabled sister in a wheelchair through rain and across muddy fields.
They left Syria after their house was destroyed by a missile, and they filmed their life on the road.
Exodus: Our Journey To Europe is broadcast on BBC Two, which, in 2015, gave cameras to some of the people who smuggled themselves into Europe, to record where no one else can go. The result is a terrifying, intimate, epic portrait of the migration crisis, shown at 2100 on Monday the 11th, Tuesday the 12th and Wednesday 13th of July. Catch up here.
Rico says we really gotta drop something big and explosive on Assad...

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