15 July 2016


From Slate:
Reports that Donald Trump may be picking Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate led Mark Joseph Stern to reflect that Pence may be perfect for the ticket: "Pence is a fatuous yes-man, a milquetoast mook with no strong convictions other than a desire to win and be popular," Stern writes. "He will faithfully follow Trump's whims and commands."Meanwhile, Reihan Salam calls Pence a "drearily conventional figure," and Jim Newell wonders whether Pence can survive the mind-bending rigors of being Trump's running mate: "Pence has had his disagreements with Trump throughout the campaign and, if he indeed becomes vice president, he may struggle to keep up with Trump's relentless bullshit."
Rico says that 'relentless bullshit' may well be the theme of this election...

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