10 July 2016

Using Adele as a weapon

StumbleUpon has an article by James Gould-Bourn about turning the tables on some scammers:

Adele is one of the fastest-selling musical artists of all time, so it’s pretty safe to assume that a lot of people like her. Scammers, however, do not, as one guy recently discovered when he decided to troll a Facebook trickster with lyrics from the British singer’s number one hit single, Hello (although Trolling in the Deep would probably have been even more appropriate). As you can see, the scammer didn’t take it too well.
The hilarious exchange was uploaded to Reddit by Danish user sebastiankirk (real name Frank Flemming Jensen) after a woman on Facebook tried to seduce him and, since then, it’s been viewed more than three hundred thousand times. See the full conversation here.
Rico says he still thinks televised amputations would work better to cure spammers, but this is less brutal...

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