14 July 2016

Idiot for the day, Australian division

Rico says that the phrase 'amateur surgeon' in this BBC article should have been off-putting:

An amateur surgeon in Australia has pleaded guilty to removing the left testicle of a man who could not afford professional medical treatment.
Allan George Matthews, 56, admitted to "removing tissue" from the man "without consent or authority" at a motel in Port Macquarie, north of Sydney, Australia.
Police said the 52-year-old victim posted an online ad "requesting assistance with a medical issue". He had been suffering for years, after being kicked in the groin by a horse.
Police became aware of the case in June of 2016 when the man went to a hospital after the wound he suffered during the operation became infected. Officers raided Matthews' home and seized medical equipment, firearms, and four bottles of what they suspected to be amyl nitrate.
Prosecutors alleged that Matthews was not authorized to perform such a procedure, as he was not a qualified or registered medical practitioner. He also pled guilty in court this week to illegally possessing a gun and two counts of possessing or attempting to prescribe a restricted substance.
Rico says no one messes with his junk... (Been there, done that, by a professional, a long time ago.)

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