13 September 2020


27 August 2020


24 June 2020

Watched Dino Hunters
Get FairllifeMilk

15 June 2020


10 June 2020

Watched the sinking of the "Lusitania"

09 June 2020

Watched the sinking of the "Lucitania"

05 May 2020

Watched more of the The Curse of Oak island"
Chair nap at 1415
Back in bed at 1030.
Back to bed at 0900

04 May 2020

If daily deals hit 10000, Rico says we nuke the Chinese...
How can you have your pudding when yo haven't eaten your meat?

03 May 2020

Watched Raiders of the lost Ark

01 May 2020

How do you know if Trump is lying::
His lips are moving...

22 April 2020

Trump is Such how a moron...Too bad we can't give him this virus...

21 April 2020

Trump is Such how a moron...Too bad we can't give him this virus...
Trump is Such how a moron...Too bad we can't give him this virus...

15 April 2020

Trump is Such how a moron...Too bad we can't give him this virus...

31 March 2020

As ever,Rico advocates nuking whoever loosed this virus on the world.

27 March 2020

Ham and cheese sandwich for dinner.
Nap at 1630.
Banana at 1500.
Popsicle at 1500.
Icecream bar at 1100

24 March 2020

Worth checking out.

23 March 2020

Worth checking out.
Worth checking out.
Worth checking out.

20 March 2020

Trump is such an embarrassment.
Arming officers at the border would help.

16 March 2020

Watched "The perfect Storm" with George Clooney.
Watched "The Perfect Storm" with George Clooney
Cold today.

14 March 2020

More obscure words
Still missing.
Breakfast of French toast.

13 March 2020

Watched "Men in Black"

09 March 2020

If it turns out that China was responsible for the Corona virus, we ought to nuke them.

06 March 2020

Home and watching television.
Usual idiots.

05 March 2020

Cynthia babbling as usual.
Upstairs at 1000.

02 March 2020

Bring good cookies.

01 March 2020

Get Prevagen.

29 February 2020

To bed at 1030.

27 February 2020

Get milk and Nuriva

24 February 2020

Cynthia is babbling again.

22 February 2020

The MikeMcGrath on PBS isn' the one that Rico knee.

20 February 2020

Cynthia is back to no...

19 February 2020

Sitting downstairs.
Sunny everywhere but here.

18 February 2020

Couldn't drive it anyway...

16 February 2020

Rico misses his Explorer.

14 February 2020

But colder tonight.
Sunny everywhere but here.
Worth a visit.

10 February 2020

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FN:Firehouse Subs
ORG:Firehouse Subs;
TEL;type=WORK;type=VOICE;type=pref:+1 (856) 372-2840
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Cynthia still in her "no" behavior.

06 February 2020

Too bad the Germans fucked up euthanasia; Rico"s got some candidates ..

04 February 2020

I continue to wonder about Cynthia's trauma

01 February 2020

Watched the BBC program on Wonders"

30 January 2020

Watched the charade of the "trial" of the impeachment of the President on CNN... as ever I wonder where Lee Harvey Oswald is when we need him...

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23 January 2020

Crazy people

Rico says it’s hard to watch maniacal behavior by people you aan’t help, but it’s a shame the Germans fucked up euthanasia, because Rico has several candidates...

22 January 2020

Appropriate, given who's President.
Appropriate, given who's President.

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